Scarfing Scarves + BB and B Salted Ice Cream Necklace

May 12, 2019

A collaboration piece between Scarfing Scarves and BB and B!  We took Tyler’s vision of an ice cream she enjoyed and turned it into this Salted Caramel Vanilla Ice Cream Waffle Cone.

Two scoops of vanilla ice cream sit within and on top of a waffle cone with a fluffy whip cream row lining the sides. A single luminescent pearl ties the fluffy whip cream together into the center.  Caramel drips from the top vanilla scoop with of course SALT and Swarovski crystals!

Sitting to the side is a caramel chocolate piece with the signature BB and B rabbit stamped into it balancing the caramel dripping vanilla scoop with salt and Swarovski crystals.

The entire deco jewelry pendant hangs from an 18kt gold plated chain (nickel free) which also features a heart shaped crystal pendant that hangs to the side.

Pre-order for this piece is available now. Click on the image below to login/see additional information:

The Pre-Order for the Scarfing Scarves BB and B Collaboration piece has expired.  This design is currently scheduled to become available for Pre-Order again around July 15, 2019 for 1 week.

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 Scarfing Scarves + BB and B Collaboration

Updated: June 19, 2019