Be My Valentine Teddy Bear



Be My Valentine's Teddy Bear

A cute miniature dark brown bear sits atop a smaller version of our signature macarons and asks if you will be its Valentine! To symbolize its overflowing love, each Teddy has a pearl necklace from which a clearly oversized Swarovski crystal heart hangs. A matching smaller heart tail is at the back of each teddy bear.

As its base, the Teddy Bear sits on a macaron that has its translucent shell filled with hearts. Whip cream provides the filling in white or pink.

A soft velvet ribbon is suspended right above the teddy bear with a BB and B clasp and a smooth loop and the whole pendant and ribbon hangs from a custom made gold plated heart chain.

Be My Valentine Teddy Bear Be My Valentine Teddy Bear

Be My Valentine Teddy Bear Be My Valentine Teddy Bear

Be My Valentine Teddy Bear

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Coffee Expresso Buttercream Macarons



Coffee Espresso Buttercream Macaron

A rich and decadent coffee and espresso macaron is filled and topped with an equally rich and decadent buttercream with raspberries and little bits of red sugar hearts on top.  All of that delightfulness sits between a soft brown coffee macaron top and a dark rich espresso macaron bottom.

You have your choice of long necklace with heart lock and key, strawberries and a cute clear star with a pearl center, a shorter necklace with similar top but with a cute white flower, large or petite rings, or earrings with a beautiful and fiery heart crystal.

Coffee Expresso Buttercream Large Ring Coffee Expresso Buttercream Large Ring

Genuine Swarovski crystals and beads are used throughout the jewelry. All of the hardware are plated with 18kt gold (long necklace feature a 24kt gold plated chain).

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Whip Cream Heart Locket



Whip Cream Heart Locket

Place a small keepsake or photo within this locket and keep it close to you always or choose our Swarovski crystals filled locket for shine and fire! The choice is yours for Valentine’s Day! The necklace features a BB and B clasp hold a velvet ribbon above the locket standing guard while a delicate soft chain with a pearl tail decorates your neck on the necklaces.

Match them with one of our earring sets that allow you to choose a Swarovski filled heart locket, 2 clean lockets for you to place 2 photos, or half where 1 earring has the Swarovski crystals while the other can have your choice of photo.

Whip Cream Heart Locket Earrings Whip Cream Heart Locket Earrings

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Pretty in Pink Macarons



Pretty in Pink Macarons

Various shades of pink make up this eye catching macaron series with pink cream and raspberries that glitters and shines from within. With your choice of a long necklace, short necklace, earrings, rings, and even a charm, you’ll be set to coord and shine to your pink’s delight!

Pretty in Pink Short Necklace Pretty in Pink Earrings Pretty in Pink Long Necklace Pretty in Pink Large Ring

Please note that the Pretty in Pink EARRINGS have the option for both pierced and non-pierced ears.

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Petite Macarons Statement Necklace



Petite Macarons Statement Necklace

Have you already thought of how you’re going to dress up your next picnic in the park look? Don’t worry, BB and B has you covered! This over-the-top macaron mini-collection consisting of a statement necklace and bracelet is going to look great with picnic couture.

With a gold chain adorned with the most adorable strawberry milk pink, cotton candy blue, and vanilla lemon yellow petite macarons, this lovely statement piece can be worn as your perfect pop of pastels! All of the miniature macarons are handcrafted with love with genuine Japanese air clay so while there are many macarons present on this design, the lightweight quality of the air clay will keep this mini-collection as light as it is cute.

To add some texture and some bright summer fashion realness, two red gingham patterned ribbon tied bows adorn the sides of the chain. The chain itself is plated with 18k gold to ensure longevity and luxurious quality that completely compliments its decadent aesthetic.

Whether you’re heading to a posh picnic at the park with you girl friends or you decide to have a casual garden get-together in your own backyard, the Pastel Macarons mini-collection is going to be the talk of the party! You can wear both pieces separate or together for maximum macaron opulence.

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Sucré Berry Biscuit Necklace



Sucre Berry Biscuit Necklace BB and B Jewelry

The Sucré Berry Biscuit necklaces features two adorable biscuits with a one of a kind custom created tea party stamp on the back, complete with the “BB and B” signature.

Complementary crystals of blue/clear or pink/clear along with sparkling pearls are sandwiched between the two pastel hued biscuits that adds the perfect touch of glamour to this handcrafted pendant.

Right below the biscuit sandwiches dangle a gold bow charm that is accompanied by eleven “falling” crystals that’s sure to catch the light and catch some glances.

Last, but not least, the focal point of this handmade necklace is a crystal covered, glitter encrusted light pink strawberry that sits atop a swirl of fluffy deco cream! This breathtaking design hangs from an 18kt gold plated pearl accent necklace that completes this classic BB and B aesthetic.

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The Crystalline Carriage by BB and B

The Crystalline Carriage by BB and B


BB and B Crystalline Carriage

This Cinderella pumpkin carriage inspired jewelry piece is custom made from top to bottom.  From the custom chain, to our custom carriage frame, of course all of the deco pieces are handmade, and even the crystal globe has been designed and created from scratch to create this BB and B necklace!

You can choose to order your Crystalline Carriage with a celestial gold star with a charm embedded within, or a wintery ice blue macaron heart with a star embeded within.

The custom carriage frame features our BB and B text logo, cute oversized wheels, a custom base to fit our crystal globe, and a brilliant CZ stone charm that hangs from the coupler. The globe is genuine quartz, sized to fit the base of the carriage, and holds not only one of the 2 charms, but a “soft” padding of crystals, beads, or deco pieces.

Atop the globe is our newly designed and created crown, which sits and is surrounded by a bed Swarovski crystals.  And a brand new chain design with a snowflake charm holds this Crystalline Carriage from your neck.

Pre-order for this series will be open until December 31, 2019 or while supplies last. For guaranteed holiday shipping, please order by December 1, 2019. Click to see the full series (login required):

Frosted Candy Cane Heart Collection

Frosted Candy Cane Heart Collection

Candy Cane Heart Jewelry

Who hasn’t put two candy canes together to create a heart before enjoying these holiday treats?  BB and B is pleased to introduce our Winter 2019 Candy Cane Hearts jewelry!

Available in 2 colorways as well as 2 different necklace options along with earrings for those who love to coordinate to the T!  Available in the festive Peppermint red and white, or the holiday holly green, red and white, the necklaces are also available with your choice of a wintery glass beaded necklace or our popular dual layer chain style.  All of the necklaces feature our custom BB and B crown with a charm inside along with a snowflake charm that hangs from the necklace itself.

And last but not least, we’ve included a fiery CZ stone charm that hangs from the tip of the heart to the draw the eye to the candy cane heart regardless of whether you’re wearing this necklace on the outside or as a layered piece among your outfit and other accessories.

Pre-order for this collection is open until December 31, 2019 or while supplies last. However, to guarantee holiday shipping, please order by December 1, 2019.  Click to see the full series (login required):