The Crystalline Carriage by BB and B



BB and B Crystalline Carriage

This Cinderella pumpkin carriage inspired jewelry piece is custom made from top to bottom.  From the custom chain, to our custom carriage frame, of course all of the deco pieces are handmade, and even the crystal globe has been designed and created from scratch to create this BB and B necklace!

You can choose to order your Crystalline Carriage with a celestial gold star with a charm embedded within, or a wintery ice blue macaron heart with a star embeded within.

The custom carriage frame features our BB and B text logo, cute oversized wheels, a custom base to fit our crystal globe, and a brilliant CZ stone charm that hangs from the coupler. The globe is genuine quartz, sized to fit the base of the carriage, and holds not only one of the 2 charms, but a “soft” padding of crystals, beads, or deco pieces.

Atop the globe is our newly designed and created crown, which sits and is surrounded by a bed Swarovski crystals.  And a brand new chain design with a snowflake charm holds this Crystalline Carriage from your neck.

Pre-order for this series will be open until December 31, 2019 or while supplies last. For guaranteed holiday shipping, please order by December 1, 2019. Click to see the full series (login required):

Frosted Candy Cane Heart Collection


Candy Cane Heart Jewelry

Who hasn’t put two candy canes together to create a heart before enjoying these holiday treats?  BB and B is pleased to introduce our Winter 2019 Candy Cane Hearts jewelry!

Available in 2 colorways as well as 2 different necklace options along with earrings for those who love to coordinate to the T!  Available in the festive Peppermint red and white, or the holiday holly green, red and white, the necklaces are also available with your choice of a wintery glass beaded necklace or our popular dual layer chain style.  All of the necklaces feature our custom BB and B crown with a charm inside along with a snowflake charm that hangs from the necklace itself.

And last but not least, we’ve included a fiery CZ stone charm that hangs from the tip of the heart to the draw the eye to the candy cane heart regardless of whether you’re wearing this necklace on the outside or as a layered piece among your outfit and other accessories.

Pre-order for this collection is open until December 31, 2019 or while supplies last. However, to guarantee holiday shipping, please order by December 1, 2019.  Click to see the full series (login required):

Miniature Macarons in Glass Pipet


Mini Macarons in Glass Pipet Fake Sweets Necklace

This is our 3rd generation of our popular miniature macaron in glass containers! We’ve gone a bit sleeker, a bit longer, and continuing from our gold plated miniature macaron series, we’re going with a stack  instead of the cone that we had before!

Four miniature handmade macarons sit inside a perfectly sized glass pipet with a metal textured cap! This sleek macaron jewelry piece hangs from a slightly long silver chain that feature a blinged out fork and star as charms.  Our signature tail tag hangs from the end of the adjustable necklace.

Pre-order by December 1, 2019 to guarantee Holiday delivery.  Click to see the full series (login required):

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Series


Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Do you know how you can make an even better version of the classic ice cream sandwich? Use macaron shells instead!

These delectable and handcrafted fake sweet deco necklace designs brings to life the summer favourite cold confectionary.  Your have your choice of four flavors!

A swirl of cotton candy and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich.

A swirl of lavender and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich

A swirl of pumpkin spice and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich.

Or last but not least, a swirl of activated charcoal and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich.

All of the swirls are between two macaron shells and decorated with sparkling crystals or pearls, a sugar flower with pearl center, a crystal star, and crystal rhinestones.

Pre-order for this series is open until October 28, 2019 or while supplies last. Click to see the full series (login required):

Macaron Treat Tower Necklace and Earrings


Macaron Treat Tower Earrings Macaron Treat Tower Necklace

The more macarons the merrier we say!

This handmade and delicious stack of handcrafted macarons consists of a pistachio, white chocolate raspberry, and lavender flavour that hangs from a 18k gold plated necklace with a custom “BB and B” charm and a 3D heart shaped Swarovski crystal attached on the end of the chain.

The custom charm features a sparkling crystal covered bow that adds the perfect dash of elegance to the design.

Choose from a set of cute earrings or a long necklace,… or both for a full set!  Click below to see each design (login required):

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019


We were finally able to make our schedule work to apply and be accepted to Anime Weekend Atlanta! We’ve heard so many great things about this convention and are super excited to see all of you!

Anime Weekend Atlanta will be held between October 31 and November 3, 2019.  This page will be updated as necessary.

Our booth #’s are: 219, 221,223

Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019 Map

Last update: October 8, 2019


The Capsuna Collection


BB and B Capsuna Fake Sweets Jewelry Collection - Necklace, Earrings, Choker

We took our favorite strawberries and turned them DARK! The BB and B Capsuna (Romanian for Strawberry) Collection are the latest addition to our Dark Sweets catalog and is perfect for those who love sweets but prefer a darker colorway.

BB and B Capsuna Fake Sweets Necklace

The Capsuna Necklace features one of BB and B’s large strawberries in obsidian black with metallic beads for seeds. The leaf on the Capsuna strawberry gently shines with an almost metallic sheen in a rich green gold hue.

A black and gold ribbon bow tie sits immediately above the Capsuna strawberry, all of which is suspended from one of BB and B’s signature black gold chains. A large cubic zirconia crystal charm adds the fire on the viewer’s right.

The gold extender ends with BB and B’s signature wax seal tag and hangs on the back, along the nape of your neck.

BB and B Capsuna Fake Sweets Choker

The Capsuna Choker is a velvet ruffled choker that features one of BB and B’s medium sized strawberries in the same obsidian black with the metallic beads for its seeds. The leaf on the Capsuna Choker is BB and B’s custom gold leaf and stem that was designed and created in house and can be seen in some of our Spring and Summer strawberry jewelry.

This Capsuna strawberry hangs from our signature round logo shield that centers and creates a ribbon that frames the strawberry pendant. And the extender features our other BB and B tag at the end.

BB and B Capsuna Fake Sweets Earrings

The Capsuna earrings feature a pair of small obsidian black strawberries that hang from a short distance from the loop and a cubic zirconia crystal. Like its bigger sibling, the small Capsuna earrings feature a a rich green gold hue leaves with a bit of metallic sheen and gold metallic beads as its seeds.

The Capsuna Collection is available for pre-order from now through October 9, 2019. There is a cap on the number of pieces we can create and in the event that we expect to reach that cap sooner than October 9, an email will be sent to our registered members first, and on our social media next.

For more information or to order, please click the link below (login required):

The Dainty Demon’s Chokers


The Dainty Demon's Choker

This hauntingly adorable choker is a fashionista’s creepy cute dream come true!

A black choker is embellished in unique heart shaped rhinestones with devilish horns and adorned with your choice of a one of kind book shaped locket that comes with two sparkling crystal spiders OR cute petite dangling meringues.

Whether you’re going for a high-fashion gothic or a dark sweet look, this choker is sure to cast a spell to anyone who lays eyes on it! Click through for more information or to pre-order! (will require login)