Alice in Wonderland 2020



Alice in Wonderland Fake Sweets Macaron Jewelry

Inspired in part by the 1951 Disney film, and in part by Lewis Carroll’s book, BB and B is pleased to introduce our Alice in Wonderland collection for 2020!

Alice in Wonderland Fake Sweets Clay Jewelry Alice in Wonderland Fake Sweets Clay Jewelry Alice in Wonderland Fake Sweets Clay Jewelry Alice in Wonderland Fake Sweets Clay Jewelry Alice in Wonderland Fake Sweets Clay Jewelry

The Alice Macaron is in her signature baby blue and white colorway while the helpful Doorknob Macaron, where Alice begins her journey, is gilded and features a baroque frame with a pearl doorknob.

The Cheshire Cat Macaron jewelry has his large moon shaped smile front and center on a lavender and pink macaron shell, while our Queen of Hearts is available in 2 flavors; gold beads or Swarovski crystals.

And we can’t forget the White Rabbit, which is represented by a pocket watch necklace that has 2 cute bunny ears and a large custom BB and B crown with CZ stones.

Matching rings, earring sets, and charms are also available.

Pre-orders are open now and will continue for a limited time or quantity.  Click to see the full collection and to order. (login required)

Sakura-con 2020


(This page will be updated as necessary)

We return, yet again, to Seattle for one of our favorite conventions, Sakura-Con!  However this time, the new leadership of the exhibits has placed in the very very far back.

We will, once again, attempt a live stream with the schedule to be set as we get closer to the event date.  Please stay tuned!

Sakura-Con 2020 is being held on April 10 through 12 at the Washington State Convention Center (705 Pike St. Seattle, Washington)

Our booth #’s are: 555, 553, 551

Sakura-con 2020

Last update: February 15, 2020


Canelé with Ruffles Note/Photo/Card Holders



Canelé with Ruffles Group

BB and B created pastel versions of the canelé dessert and added our own ruffles, pearls, crystals, macarons, and more!

Available in 3 color variations, dress up any of your important notes, precious photos, or a special card with one of these on your desk! Measuring 4.5″ (11.43 cm) tall with a 1.5″ (3.8 cm) base, these limited accessories are available for pre-order now.  Pre-orders ship within 2-3 weeks.

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Pastel Pink Mont Blanc Cupcake Necklace



Pastel Pink Mont Blanc Cupcake Necklace

We bring back a cupcake design with some pink! Pastel pink at that with our version of the Mont Blanc style chestnut dessert on top,… but again, in shades of PINK!

A delicate pasta/ramen noodling of the famous chestnut dessert design you see so often in Asia in soft white and pastel pink sits atop a pastel pink cupcake! Of course, we couldn’t just leave that be and added miniature pastel pink macarons on top of the chestnut dessert with fiery Swarovski crystals as its cream filling.

One of our gold tea cups sits to the side pouring out a CZ star and rows of crystals on a chain and the entirety of it all sits atop a gold scalloped base.

The final touch is one of BB and B’s signature frosted sugar strawberries with our gold B stem and strawberry leaves.

This is a pre-order item that is available to order now in limited quantities and time.  For more information, click below (login required):


Royal Vegas Retreat 2020



Royal Vegas Retreat

A fashion event in Las Vegas in November while it’s nice and cool, with some of the world’s best food and entertainment a stone’s throw away? AND we get to hang out with our friends and meet new like minded lovers of fashion??

How could we say no??

We are pleased to have been invited and to be a part of Pretty Princess Club’s inaugural Royal Vegas Retreat happening in November this year! We will be sponsoring exclusive creations to be found in the VIP goody bags and have been given the opportunity to present both BB and B jewelry and our sister brand, Ronova, for your shopping pleasure.

With the event scheduled for November, we will not only have our new (and to be determined) 2020 Dark Sweets (aka Halloween) collections available but our 2020 Winter collections as well.  Continue to follow us and stay tuned to this page as we post updates and additional information.

For any questions about our participation, please contact us at any time via email:

For information about the Royal Vegas Retreat, please click the link below:


Be My Valentine Teddy Bear



Be My Valentine's Teddy Bear

A cute miniature dark brown bear sits atop a smaller version of our signature macarons and asks if you will be its Valentine! To symbolize its overflowing love, each Teddy has a pearl necklace from which a clearly oversized Swarovski crystal heart hangs. A matching smaller heart tail is at the back of each teddy bear.

As its base, the Teddy Bear sits on a macaron that has its translucent shell filled with hearts. Whip cream provides the filling in white or pink.

A soft velvet ribbon is suspended right above the teddy bear with a BB and B clasp and a smooth loop and the whole pendant and ribbon hangs from a custom made gold plated heart chain.

Be My Valentine Teddy Bear Be My Valentine Teddy Bear

Be My Valentine Teddy Bear Be My Valentine Teddy Bear

Be My Valentine Teddy Bear

See the full Valentine’s Day collection or go directly to the Be My Valentine Teddy Bears below (login required):

Coffee Expresso Buttercream Macarons



Coffee Espresso Buttercream Macaron

A rich and decadent coffee and espresso macaron is filled and topped with an equally rich and decadent buttercream with raspberries and little bits of red sugar hearts on top.  All of that delightfulness sits between a soft brown coffee macaron top and a dark rich espresso macaron bottom.

You have your choice of long necklace with heart lock and key, strawberries and a cute clear star with a pearl center, a shorter necklace with similar top but with a cute white flower, large or petite rings, or earrings with a beautiful and fiery heart crystal.

Coffee Expresso Buttercream Large Ring Coffee Expresso Buttercream Large Ring

Genuine Swarovski crystals and beads are used throughout the jewelry. All of the hardware are plated with 18kt gold (long necklace feature a 24kt gold plated chain).

See our full 2020 Valentine’s Day collection or the Coffee Espresso Buttercream Macaron series (login required):

Whip Cream Heart Locket



Whip Cream Heart Locket

Place a small keepsake or photo within this locket and keep it close to you always or choose our Swarovski crystals filled locket for shine and fire! The choice is yours for Valentine’s Day! The necklace features a BB and B clasp hold a velvet ribbon above the locket standing guard while a delicate soft chain with a pearl tail decorates your neck on the necklaces.

Match them with one of our earring sets that allow you to choose a Swarovski filled heart locket, 2 clean lockets for you to place 2 photos, or half where 1 earring has the Swarovski crystals while the other can have your choice of photo.

Whip Cream Heart Locket Earrings Whip Cream Heart Locket Earrings

See our full 2020 Valentine’s Day collection or the Whip Cream Heart Locket series (login required):