Feb 6, 2020



Royal Vegas Retreat

A fashion event in Las Vegas in November while it’s nice and cool, with some of the world’s best food and entertainment a stone’s throw away? AND we get to hang out with our friends and meet new like minded lovers of fashion??

How could we say no??

We are pleased to have been invited and to be a part of Pretty Princess Club’s inaugural Royal Vegas Retreat happening in November this year! We will be sponsoring exclusive creations to be found in the VIP goody bags and have been given the opportunity to present both BB and B jewelry and our sister brand, Ronova, for your shopping pleasure.

With the event scheduled for November, we will not only have our new (and to be determined) 2020 Dark Sweets (aka Halloween) collections available but our 2020 Winter collections as well.  Continue to follow us and stay tuned to this page as we post updates and additional information.

For any questions about our participation, please contact us at any time via email: shop@bbandb.net

For information about the Royal Vegas Retreat, please click the link below: