Royal Biscuit in Burgundy

Aug 20, 2019

Royal Biscuit in Burgundy

Rich in its color, the Burgundy Royal Biscuits are our 2nd take on the Royal Biscuits in Caramel colors that we released almost a month ago!  These fake sweet biscuits show of a deep dark wine colored biscuit with a square chocolate instead of the caramel.

Like the others, these royal biscuit cookies are filled with cream and feature a large stamped wax seal with the letter B (for BB and B of course!) on top.  On the side of the stamped wax seal a crystal row from which a cute petite 3D gold star charm hangs. At the top of this biscuit cookie sits a royal crown atop a small dollop of piped whip cream.

The biscuit’s counterpart is a piece of squared off chocolate with Swarovski crystals for the bling and an ornate fork stands at attention.

This particular series is available for pre-order from now through August 31 with the first orders shipping on September 9.  Click on the Pre-Order button below to order (must be logged in).  For questions, please email