Pearled Meringue Kiss Ice Cream Necklaces Fake Sweets Confectionary Jewelry

BB and B is pleased to introduce our Pearled Meringue Kiss collection that feature your choice of 3 dessert bases all topped with an oversized meringue twist that has been adorned, one by one, with 230+ sugar pearls! A slightly smaller, more petite base was used to overstate the detailed Meringue Kiss. BB and B’s overflowing decadent drip design can be seen on the cupcake and ice cream while one of BB and B’s signature petite macarons sit as the base for the 3rd.

Each Meringue Kiss that sits as the centerpiece of each necklace features a pearlescent and translucent design that invites you to try and look within as you turn the jewelry to see each row of miniature pearls curving up to the top peak.

Pearled Meringue Kiss Cupcake Necklaces Fake Sweets Confectionary Jewelry

The Charcoal Black shows off her mysterious dark side with an almost silvery grey sheen in the Meringue Kiss itself and the drip.

The Opalite White shows off her beautiful iridescent nature that teases with a bit of pink in its sheen.

And the gorgeous fiery pink gold Meringue Kiss is a new color for us and we couldn’t be more pleased with how rich and extravagant it came out,… perfectly matching her Charcoal and Opalite sisters.

Pearled Meringue Kiss Macaron Necklaces Fake Sweets Confectionary Jewelry

Each Meringue Kiss pendant is paired with a long white gold plated hypoallergenic chain that is soft and adjustable. A small cute blinged out fork sits as the Meringue Kiss’ complementing charm.

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