Otakon 2024

(This page will be updated as necessary. Updated: 5-30-24)

Booth # 623

BB and B and her sister fashion brand, Ronova, will be at booth #623.  These booths are located in the center of the hall, right near the 2 main entrances.  You can see the map below for a visual representation of where we are in relation to the entire dealer’s hall.

We are happy to announce that Otakon’s J-Fashion has generously sponsored our Workshops again for this year.  Details are below.

We are also happy to announce that our sister brand Ronova will be participating in this year’s fashion show!  More information about the show and casting call can be found at the link here:

BB and B at Otakon 2024 Map


Follow us on Instagram or join our Discord and watch for our stories or message each morning of the convention.  We’ll post a “Word of the Day” that you can use to get your free BB and B Pin!

You will have your choice of the pink or yellow.  Only 3 will be given away each day.

BB and B Pins



Invite code: WWZTmNcNaw


BB and B Sweet Deco Workshop


Otakon has graciously sponsored a small number of workshops again for this year!  The details of the workshop are still being finalized but a general overview is below:

  • At least one workshop is confirmed for each day of the convention. (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday / August 2, 3, and 4)  One of the days of the convention will have 2 workshops scheduled. The exact times for each day is yet to be determined.
  • The workshop, as of now, will be held within Otakon’s J-Fashion area: the Lolita Garden.
  • 10-15 seats per workshop have been allocated.  The number of seats for the workshop will vary with the type of class that is currently being planned.
  • IF the workshop spaces fill, a waiting list will be created.
  • We understand that Instagram’s alogrithm might not reveal our announcement to followers immediately, or that emails get filtered to the Promotions or Junk folder to not be seen until much later.  So we’ve decided to have a nice long announcement period before we open sign ups for the workshops.  We hope that this will remove the issues we had last year, including but not limited to the “I didn’t know you were running workshops” comments.

You may also sign up below to be notified 1 week before and on the day when the sign up form opens.   NOTE: The form below is NOT required to sign up for a workshop.  Announcements will still be made on our Instagram account, Discord, website, and our shopping site.

The sign up form itself will be posted on this page.

Please send any questions to shop@bbandb.net

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Booth Staff

Because of our participation with the workshops and the fashion show, both BB and B and our sister brand Ronova are a bit short handed.

If you’d like to be a part of our team for Otakon, please fill out the form below.  We’re looking to fill out our Set Up/Breakdown teams as well as booth staff that will be assisting customers during exhibit hall hours.

This is a paid position and an exhibitor’s badge can be provided if necessary.  Please fill out the following form so that we may contact you and start the conversation:

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