Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich Series

Oct 9, 2019

Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich

Do you know how you can make an even better version of the classic ice cream sandwich? Use macaron shells instead!

These delectable and handcrafted fake sweet deco necklace designs brings to life the summer favourite cold confectionary.  Your have your choice of four flavors!

A swirl of cotton candy and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich.

A swirl of lavender and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich

A swirl of pumpkin spice and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich.

Or last but not least, a swirl of activated charcoal and vanilla “ice cream” sandwich.

All of the swirls are between two macaron shells and decorated with sparkling crystals or pearls, a sugar flower with pearl center, a crystal star, and crystal rhinestones.