BB and B would like to feature your Dark Sweets Looks!

As many of you know, 11 out of the 12 months of the year, BB and B focuses on the cute and beautiful colors in the soft and pastel range!  But then, for about a month in the late summer/early fall, we get to have a bit of fun and draw outside of the lines to create  and add to our Dark Sweets collection.

We know many of you love this season and put in an extra effort to dress up, coordinate, and go out.  We are also immensely grateful to hear and see that you include our Dark Sweets designs into your looks.  We’d love to see these beautifully dark, lovely and/or spooky looks and feature them on our website!  Whether it be a J-fashion  look, street wear, casual, or something in between any of those, we’d like to see them and feature them on our developing look book page!

  • Photos may be from any time period, taken at any time.
  • We ask that the photos be without stickers or emoticons.
  • A full body shot of your full look and a more detailed shot of our piece would be most welcome.
  • We ask that the images you submit be as high of a resolution as possible so that we can present them in all their glory.  Cell phones or standalone cameras (digital or film shot) are both welcome.

Depending on the number of submissions, the lookbook will go live in the middle of November 2022.

Please send any and all questions regarding this call to


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