Rose Heart Cake Pop

The Rose Heart Cake Pop Collection

A handmade rose with a pearl center and Swarovski rhinestones on its petals are placed prominently on a cute oversized heart cake pop. Ornate whip surrounds and outlines the heart shaped cake pop while thin frosting decorates the sides in a scallop formation (only on the necklace).

A cute ribbon is ‘tied’ around the base of the cake pop’s stem which is filled with Swarovski crystals! A heart shaped charm hangs from the necklace to complete the bling on the necklace while the earrings and rings have the ribbon dangle for a cute look.


Forbidden Love Sweetheart's Candy Necklace

Sweetheart’s Candy Necklace with Encased Keys

Inspired in part by the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, the encased key within these sweetheart “candy” necklaces are the symbols of the theme we wanted to explore for this year,… a forbidden love.

The encased key features a heart shaped handle with miniature crystals along the shank. Placed right near the surface, the key ‘floats’ and can be clearly seen, contrasting sharply against the sweetheart candy.

The white sweetheart candy pendant features a baby pink trim along the face edge. The pendant with the encased key hangs from a 5 crystal pendant from where the crystal adorned padlock hangs. The chain itself is accented with shiny gold balls.

The red sweetheart candy pendant features a darker burgundy-ish trim. An angel’s solitaire ring is the pendant from which the sweetheart candy hangs from while a delicate chain is used for this necklace.

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