BB and B Crystal Bear with Gold Chocolate Bar

BB and B Crystal Bear

We are pleased to introduce the BB and B Crystal Bears! Designed and made completely in house, these cute metal bears are completely covered in CZ stones and hold a gold chocolate bar with our name on them!

To show off the bling of our metal bears, we left the back of the ears and feet bare and polished them to a mirror finish. We also created a custom back with a cute tail in the shape of a heart that is also polished to a mirror finish.

BB and B Crystal Bear in Black - Rear View

Each bear holds one of our gold chocolate bars with our name set against a glittery sand surface within the indent.  All 4 limbs and head swivel and move freely.

The BB and B Crystal Bear in black feature varying sizes of black cubic zirconia stones alongside a gunmetal black studs.  The BB and B Crystal Bear in white feature varying sizes of white cubic zirconia stones alongside gold studs.

These designs are available now in very limited quantities.


Royal Biscuit with Caramel Collection

Royal Biscuit with Caramel Collection Fake Sweets Jewelry

The BB and B team love coffee and biscuits, and created these fake sweet Royal Biscuits with a dab of caramel jewelry to show our love for the delicious traditional treats!

The royal biscuit cookies are filled with cream and feature a large stamped wax seal with the letter B (for BB and B of course!) on top.  On the side of the stamped wax seal a crystal row from which a cute petite 3D gold star charm hangs. At the top of this biscuit cookie sits a royal crown atop a small dollop of piped whip cream.

The biscuit’s counterpart is a piece of caramel with Swarovski crystals for the bling and an ornate fork stands at attention.

This particular series is available for pre-order from now through August 7 with the first orders shipping on August 19.  Click on the Pre-Order button below to order (must be logged in). 

The pre-order window for this style is currently closed. For questions, please email


Bits of Orange Summer Doughnuts

BB and B Fake Sweets Summer Doughnut

Introducing our Summer Doughnuts with real bits of orange embedded in the resin! The little bits of dried orange that we found at our local farmer’s market was so pretty with their vibrant saturated colors that we just had to use them in our fake sweets doughnuts!

The Summer Doughnuts series is one of our latest hybrid creations where we combine both Japanese air clay with resin while preserving the beautiful dried orange pieces forever!

Each doughnut is handmade with a clay back and a resin front that features both our rabbit logo, gold square accents, and pearls.  On the white cream filling side are the pearls, real flower, and real orange bits.  A lined pearl “filling” is sandwiched between the clay and resin pieces while the entire jewelry piece hangs from an 18kt gold plated (nickel free) chain with star accents.  To top it off is a small crystal star charm that hangs off to the side.

The Summer Doughnuts are available in 3 colors: Strawberry Pink, Mint, and Chocolate.  Available now for Pre-order through August 7. Orders will being shipping on August 19. Click below to pre-order (must be logged in).  For questions, please email

Magical Girl Day 2019

Magical Girl Day

We return to Houston for the first time in 3 years to host a small pop up and sponsor Magical Girl Day’s Dinner Gala happening on August 3, 2019.  In supporting this grassroots event, we are sponsoring by gifting each guest a salted chocolate charm in honor of the guest (and one of our favorite YouTubers) Scarfing Scarves.

Magical Girl Day 2019 Salted Chocolate Charm Gift

If you will be in the Houston area, we invite you to attend.  For more information, please click below:

BB and B Crystalized Lemon Series

Crystalized Lemon Series by BB and B

Bright yellow lemon outlines that are carved out and shaped with a sprinkling of glitter and beautiful Swarovski crystals are the prominent design elements of our newest fake sweets series, the Crystalized Lemon jewelry!  Rather than going the traditional design path of the cut lemon cross section look, we went with what we believe to be the equally cute and beautiful shape of a lemon itself.

The lemon shapes are thin and compact, giving an almost 2d feeling to the jewelry piece. The overlapping pieces are filled in with varying sizes of Swarovkis crystals, pearls, and CZ stones.

The sprinkling of glitter is added to match the fire from the Swarovski crystals, pearls, and CZ stones,… almost as if these soft lemon shapes have been permanently crystalized.  The tips of each lemon shapes are dusted with a slighlty different shade of glitter to provide a bit of depth while a final flower charm (and crystal) is added to the face of the lemon.

Available in 4 different options, the Crystalized Lemon series is available for Pre-Order until July 22, 2019. Click on the Pre-Order button to see the full collection and additional details. (must be logged in)

BB and B Tour New Soul Crowned Triple Macaron Charm

BB and B Tour New Soul Collab Charm

BB and B is pleased to introduce our latest collaborative piece with Tour New Soul; The Crowned Macaron Charm!  This BB and B + Tour New Soul charm is an accessory that can be used to dress up any purse, luggage, or bag!


Handmade from top to bottom, this over the top charm is almost 4 inches long and almost 2 inches wide at its base.

Although already known for making cute small hats, Tour New Soul went above and beyond by making an even smaller mini crown using locally sourced fabric and lace! We then took the mini crowns and made a rose with 3 macarons in matching colors and size to complete this cute over the top charm.

All of the metal hardware (from the loops to the base) are 24kt gold plated non-nickel pieces while crystals make up the filling of each macaron.

This is a very limited Pre-Order design as the crowns cannot be remade. Please click the link below to order yours today! (must be logged in)

Pre-orders will begin today (June 24, 2019) at 12 PM PDT and will continue until we are sold out.

Macaron Deuce Hair Clip Limited Series

After creating fake sweets headbands for the last few years, we’ve finally made some clay confectionary hair clips with the BB and B touch! Smaller and a bit more subtle than our large fake sweets headbands, these are the first of handful of clay jewelry hair clip designs that we’re creating!

The hair clip themselves are designs that we found during our last business trip to Korea and we loved the “seashell chips in a glass” look that they had!

We added a decadent butter cream frosting whip as our base with the shimmering seashells peeking out from underneath.

Your choice of a chocolate bar, caramel bar, or a silver white chocolate bar sits on one end of the hair clip with all 3 featuring our BB and B bunny logo foil embossed on top.  All of the bars feature a delicate gold star charm hanging from it.

Two matching mini macarons with pearl fillings lean against the bar (mocha, lavender +  blue, 2 shades of pink) with all featuring a crystal star with a gold setting to finish the look with a little bit of fire.

We only purchased a small number of hair clips to create these designs so supplies are limited.  Click through each photo to see additional details and more photos (must be logged in).

Macaron Deuce in 2 Shades of Pink and White Chocolate Bar Seashell Hair Clip Macaron Deuce in Lavender + Blue and Caramel Bar Seashell Hair Clip Macaron Deuce in Mocha and Chocolate Bar Seashell Hair Clip

Princess of the Moon Kingdom’s Macaron Choker

Princess of the Moon Kingdom's Macaron Necklace

BB and B is pleased to bring back our popular Princess of the Moon Kingdom jewelry in a choker for the summer of 2019! A large pink handmade clay confectionary macaron hangs from our BB and B tie point on a genuine Japanese Mokuba ribbon. The pink clay macaron itself features the cameo relief of the Princess with Swarovski pearls surrounding it. Twinkling stars provide a bit of bling to the cameo.

And like our other chokers, this beautiful piece also has the adjustable gold chain tie in the back with our signature BB and B tag.

This is limited quantity piece due to the Mokuba Japanese ribbon that we have in stock.  Click through to see details and to order. (must be logged in)