The Crystalline Carriage by BB and B

Nov 19, 2019


BB and B Crystalline Carriage

This Cinderella pumpkin carriage inspired jewelry piece is custom made from top to bottom.  From the custom chain, to our custom carriage frame, of course all of the deco pieces are handmade, and even the crystal globe has been designed and created from scratch to create this BB and B necklace!

You can choose to order your Crystalline Carriage with a celestial gold star with a charm embedded within, or a wintery ice blue macaron heart with a star embeded within.

The custom carriage frame features our BB and B text logo, cute oversized wheels, a custom base to fit our crystal globe, and a brilliant CZ stone charm that hangs from the coupler. The globe is genuine quartz, sized to fit the base of the carriage, and holds not only one of the 2 charms, but a “soft” padding of crystals, beads, or deco pieces.

Atop the globe is our newly designed and created crown, which sits and is surrounded by a bed Swarovski crystals.  And a brand new chain design with a snowflake charm holds this Crystalline Carriage from your neck.

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