BB and B currently ships to all 50 of the United States, Canada, and certain parts of Mexico. We also ship to the European Union, the United Kingdom, and certain countries within what would be considered Non-European Union.

At the moment, the website does not have the shipping turned on for countries in the geographic areas of Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia and her neighbors, India, the Middle East, Central and South America, and Russia.  BB and B internal shipping policy requires tracking of ALL of our shipments to be door to door (from our door to our client’s door) and the high shipping costs attached to shipping to these countries from the U.S., unfortunately, make it very difficult to do so at a practical level for individual orders.

If you, as a client, find that we do not ship to your country but would like to order from us anyway, please contact us.  If a client understands and is willing to pay the high shipping costs and the associated customs fees that may or may not be levied against your order, we are more than happy to (and already do so on a limited basis) arrange shipping of your order.

If you, as a client, are willing to arrange a group order for yourself and your friends/associates, please contact us.  We would be happy to arrange the group order so that the high shipping costs to your country can be divided among your friends and/or associates.

BB and B ship via USPS First Class and Priority Mail within the U.S.  International Orders are all shipped via USPS International Priority with full tracking from door to door. 

Contact us anytime with any shipping questions:



Revised FEBRUARY 10, 2020