Spoonful of Sweetness Necklace


Many of our clients loved our Golden Spoon jewelry that we decided to dip them in some sweets! This next generation Golden Spoon necklace from BB and B features an 18kt gold plated spoon and chain with a resin sweet in your choice of white honey, pink honey, or wildflower honey!

Our cute blinged out honeybee from our Stacked Macaron series makes a visit to have some of the sweet that’s dripping off of the golden spoon.  With its wings blinged out with crystals, the gold and blinged out honeybee will definitely draw the gaze until the beautiful golden spoon holds the attention of both the wearer and their audience.

And like all of our other metal jewelry and accessories, our gold plated pieces contain no nickel.

Click through the photo to see each individual style and color. (must be logged in)

Spoonful of Sweetness BB and B Gold Spoon and Honeybee Necklace

Spoonful of Sweetness BB and B Gold Spoon and Honeybee Necklace Spoonful of Sweetness BB and B Gold Spoon and Honeybee Necklace Spoonful of Sweetness BB and B Gold Spoon and Honeybee Necklace


Summer Strawberries

A strawberry design with a sweet and refreshing look! This unique necklace features a juicy gradient strawberry sweetened with fine sparkling glitter and topped with a golden stem and stalk. This luscious strawberry pendant hangs from an 18k gold plated necklace chain that comes with an adorable star charm that makes it the perfect summer accessory!

Available in Gradient Red or Gradient Pink.

BB and B Red Summer Strawberry Necklace

BB and B Pink Summer Strawberry Necklace


Twinkle Star Cream Tart Necklace

A shining example of what Swarovski crystals can do to an already decadent dessert design! A star shaped decorative cream tart is filled with fluffy “mascarpone” filling and topped with light deco whip cream. Pastel strawberries, “buttercream” rosettes, gold plated charms and colorful Swarovksi crystals are playfully placed on the cream tart while a crystal charm dangles from the center of the star. To create an even sweeter look, a unique 18k gold plated necklace chain with pearls is given a regal spoon companion complete with a dollop of deco whip that the cream tart charmingly hangs from.

Twinkle Star Cream Tart



The Charming Heart Necklace and Charm

Our Charming Heart series jewelry features a dual stacked heart cookie filled with cream pendant in our signature pastel pink!  Cute small roses decorate this jewelry piece on the upper petite heart cookie while Swarovksi crystals and pearls dot and bling it out.

A BB and B emblem sits atop in gold while cupid, again in brilliant gold, stands guard as a charm on the 18kt gold plated chain.

A large crowned crystal charm also hangs with fiery brilliance from the chain as well to complete the jewelry piece.

Updated for 2019, click through any of the photos to see more information as well as to order.

The Charming Heart Necklace

The Charming Heart Charm The Charming Heart Necklace

My Sweet Honeybee Series

One of the series we’ve been planning for the Spring and upcoming Summer season, the Macaron Stacks are finally done!

My Sweet Honeybee Macarons Stacks are pancake styled Macaron pieces with cream fillings and dark honey maple sytrup dripping from the top to the sides. A cute bee with rhinestone wings hangs from the side to share in this Macaron stack.

This whole set hangs from an 18K gold plated chain with a crystal star charm, and of course, Swarovski Crystals sprinkled throughout.

We have 4 colorways to choose from… check them out below or click through to see the product and order page (must be logged in).

My Sweet Honeybee - Gelato

My Sweet Honeybee - Mocha My Sweet Honeybee - Blueberry My Sweet Honeybee - Pink



Soft Pink Glitter Strawberry with Cotton Candy Marshmallows on Gold Chain Necklace


Just in time for Spring and Summer, this large juicy strawberry necklace features a gold plated chain, gold stars and strawberry charms, and cotton candy colored marshmallows!

The strawberry is of a soft pastel pink (baby pink maybe?) with a touch of glitter that will catch the summer rays while the gold plated chain features both gold stars and strawberry charms. The cotton candy marshmallows bring back memories of cotton candy and marshmallows for the BB and B designer.

This jewelry piece has been brought back and updated for the 2019 season.

Soft Pink Glitter Strawberry with Cotton Candy Marshmallows on Gold Chain Necklace