Macaron Deuce Hair Clip Limited Series

Jun 20, 2019

After creating fake sweets headbands for the last few years, we’ve finally made some clay confectionary hair clips with the BB and B touch! Smaller and a bit more subtle than our large fake sweets headbands, these are the first of handful of clay jewelry hair clip designs that we’re creating!

The hair clip themselves are designs that we found during our last business trip to Korea and we loved the “seashell chips in a glass” look that they had!

We added a decadent butter cream frosting whip as our base with the shimmering seashells peeking out from underneath.

Your choice of a chocolate bar, caramel bar, or a silver white chocolate bar sits on one end of the hair clip with all 3 featuring our BB and B bunny logo foil embossed on top.  All of the bars feature a delicate gold star charm hanging from it.

Two matching mini macarons with pearl fillings lean against the bar (mocha, lavender +  blue, 2 shades of pink) with all featuring a crystal star with a gold setting to finish the look with a little bit of fire.

We only purchased a small number of hair clips to create these designs so supplies are limited.  Click through each photo to see additional details and more photos (must be logged in).

Macaron Deuce in 2 Shades of Pink and White Chocolate Bar Seashell Hair Clip Macaron Deuce in Lavender + Blue and Caramel Bar Seashell Hair Clip Macaron Deuce in Mocha and Chocolate Bar Seashell Hair Clip