Katsucon 2024
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This page will be updated as necessary as details get finalized. For those who filled out the form that was on this page, please check your email for updates.

Updated: 22 January 2024

Please use the form below to be notified if/when the Katsucon DIY workshop is finalized.

BB and B is evaluating the feasibility of hosting a small number of DIY workshop sessions not unlike the ones we hosted at Otakon last year.

  • There will be a small fee ($20 or $25) associated with the workshop to cover material costs.
  • Those who register before Katsucon will only pay $20 per session per seat. On site registration will be $25 per session per seat.
  • The session itself will be hosted within the BB and B booth, inside the exhibit/dealer hall, during normal exhibit/dealer hall hours.
  • There will be a strict cap on how many patrons we can accommodate due to the size of our booth.
  • We are currently looking to have at least 2 different products for attendees to decorate.
  • There will be basic instructions given at the beginning of each session. (i.e. class 101)
  • Each session will run 60 minutes, MAX.
  • An example of what maybe decorated during this workshop is below:
  • We will be bringing the mirror (seen below) as one item to decorate. We are currently looking at adding 2 other options.

Katsucon Mirror

  • Guests will be using cute pre-made plastic cabochons. Although BB and B cabochons will not be used, the cream and tools will be the same or very similar to those that BB and B uses.
  • Please note that signing up here does NOT guarantee a seat at the workshop.
  • Your information will not be shared to anyone outside of BB and B.
  • Contact information from this form will be used to notify interested parties IF (and only if) the workshop details are finalized and is a go.

Please email shop@bbandb.net with any questions or concerns.

Otakon DIY