Fluffy Pancakes

Aug 15, 2022

Fluffy Pancakes Necklace
Fluffy Pancakes Necklace

The Fluffy Pancake Necklace

There are already many deco artists that do pancakes and for good reason!  It’s a super fun piece to do and if the artist took classes in Japan for clay work, it’s one of the first things the Japanese instructors will teach to get the student used to clay.

So whenever BB and B was asked to do pancakes, we sort of just pushed it to the back of our already very long to do list.  However, a visit to a pancake house with one of the most delicious and FLUFFIEST pancakes we’ve had in recent memory inspired BB and B to put together a clean and simple pancake stack!

Our Fluffy Pancake stack features 3 fluffy (one might almost say they look like soufflé styled pancakes) with 2 rich cuts of butter on top.  The stack is perfectly burnt with fiery Swarovski crystals as accents to the whole piece.

As a dual layer necklace, a custom BB and B fork with Swarovski crystals pairs as the pendant on the 2nd chain.

All metal hardware is 18kt gold plated in house by BB and B.  Additional information including specific lengths are coming soon.

Fluffy Pancakes Collection
Fluffy Pancakes Earrings
Fluffy Pancakes Earrings
Fluffy Pancakes Earrings

The Fluffy Pancake Earrings

To match the Fluffy Pancake Necklace, BB and B also created a set of smaller double pancake stack earrings!  Hanging from the same gold plate fork are 2 pancake stacks, specifically sized to match not only the necklace and ring, but to hang gently from the ear.  A matching yellow Swarovski crystal is at the fork tip right where the decadent butter stack connects.

Additional information including specifications are coming soon.

The Fluffy Pancake Ring

We can’t have a necklace and an earring of delicious pancakes without a ring!

A single pancake, sized between the earrings and the necklace, sits atop a gold plated ring with matching Swarovski crystals and butter stack.  BB and B’s custom fork sits across the pancake, adding to the bling and fire of the Swarovski crystals.

Additional specifications and information coming soon.

Fluffy Pancake Ring