Charcoal Berry Mini Macarons Fake Sweets Macaron Jewelry

This midnight black macaron is as adorable as it is unique! This miniature midnight black collection features a long necklace and a pair of matching drop earrings.

The necklace features an all black, white gold plated metal chain while the earrings feature silver hardware (choose either pierced or non-pierced)! Both the necklace and the earrings are accompanied by unique “BB and B” wax seal charm that shows the company’s signature rabbit logo! The macarons themselves are charcoal black filled with the darkest of all filling. The top of this macaron pendant is decorated with Swarovksi brand sparkling crystals and gleaming pearls. The black deco whip that’s been gently pipped on top of the macaron is decorated with a one of a kind all black macaron! If one of these were to exist, how would you think they would taste?

This miniature collection is perfect to buy as a complete set, but their uniqueness makes them prone to standing out. Make the Charcoal Berry Mini-Macaron your new jewelry statement piece that combines your super sweet side with your edgy and cool side!

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