Winter's Macaron with Mintberries

The Winter’s Macaron with Mintberries

Some of you may lament that our Merry Macaron’s are no longer offered, but we are pleased to introduce what will the first of the next generation of the popular white macaron jewelries!

Made from a similar custom BB and B mold, these white macaron’s are similar to our 2017 Merry Macaron series with some updated design elements!  The raspberries are now a beautiful soft mint green color (hence the Mintberry name!) while we’ve added some of our popular jewelry design elements from 2020!

Like the caramel filled chocolate is now a baby pink Japanese chocolate (think Melty!) while the popular pearl bow from the past is now a beautifully large double bowed ribbon!  We’ve included a cute little updated frosted star that you can see in the ring photo below:

Winter's Macaron Ring with Mintberries


Winter's Cupcakes with Mini Oreos

Winter’s Cupcakes with Mini Oreo Cookies

The popular cupcake jewelry is now available with a bit of holiday cheer!  Available in 2 colorways, each cupcake features a miniature Oreo cookie that sits atop a fluffy whipped frosting!

Also on top are cute little snowcones, another Melty styled chocolate, the tail end of a peppermint candy cane, and a sprig of evergreen!

Available in a delectable chocolate or sweet vanilla look!


Mini Golden Oreo Earrings Mini Oreo Earrings

Mini Oreo Cookie Earrings

These miniature Oreo cookie earrings are fun just on their own but can be matched with our winter’s cupcakes as well!  Both colorways feature a French hook with a gold heart hardware and a velvety matched ribbons that sit on top of a Swarovski pearl! 

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